In today's market, there are many Pet Bed options available. Unfortunately though, most products seem to be made with cheap & low quality materials. It would appear that most of today's manufacturers are willing to sacrifice your pet's comfort (in addition to any sort of aesthetic or decorative appeal) in order to maintain the most competitive price point possible.

At Toby&Molly we obviously intend to maintain competitive pricing but not at the detriment of quality. We believe in offering a Pet Bed that is not only affordable but will also offer both maximum comfort for your pet and a stylish, decorative design that your less furry (human) companions can enjoy.

Over the last two years, ​we were tedious in our re​search to find the right combination of materials. All in all, we designed and tested over 70 different pet bed samples before finally developing the perfect model. Yes, it was a very difficult process.

There was lots of hair-pulling and sleepless nights and of course things were only made more difficult due to our product testers (dogs and cats) lacking the verbal communication abilities to tell us their exact thoughts on each sample (One day they'll talk! We know it!).

But now, after a rigorous two year development process, Toby&Molly is now fully operational and ready to launch the first version of The Pet Bed and Frame.

We hope you'll love these products as much as we do!


Hemp Blended Outer Cover. 

  • Certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO‑TEX®
  • The Hemp blend outer-cover is both durable and ​soft to the touch.

Cotton Canvas Outer Cover.

  • Certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO‑TEX®.
  • Cotton canvas outer-cover helps to keep your fury friend cool.
  • Results of the STANDARD 100 by OEKO‑TEX®, Appendix 4, product class II inspection show that the hemp blend fabric and canvas fabric meet the OEKO‑TEX® human-ecological requirements and are deemed safe for direct contact to the skin.


    Mesh Inner Cover.

    • Mesh is a highly functional fabric that is largely used on shoes, bags and athletic apparel to promote air ventilation. ​
    • Our mesh is a durable material that offers both cushion and support for your favorite animal buddy!



    Rich & Responsive String Memory Foam Filled.

    • We only use high quality Memory Foam which provides superior support and comfort compared to the standard fiber padding.
    • Our ​Memory Foam is ​certified safe by CertiPUR-US.
    • We also developed and applied a STRING shaped, rich Memory Foam design in order to provide proper air flow channels, creating a cooler sleeping environment for your four-legged loved one.


    THE DESIGN STORY - Pet Bed Frame